Friday, February 6, 2009

The Wait is Finally Over!

I have finally surfaced! It's been a long time coming, but five months after Jeff originally introduced this wonderful blog, I'm ready to offer my contribution. I was hoping to just bury this page and chalk it up as a failure. However, I've been forced at gunpoint to write weekly entries for my news editing course using Blogger. Because I don't want to bother creating a separate account, the stigma of an unfinished project would continue to follow me, and that just won't do! So, for at least one week, here I am!

In case you lose track of me again, you can still listen to The Rumble Pack, a video game-related podcast - yes, I'm a nerd. I was also recently published for the first time in Central Illinois Business Magazine, and you can read my editing blog for some inexplicable reason.

Only one things smells like bacon... (

I really wish I had time for more of this recreational writing, but "Advanced Reporting" and "Multimedia" are substantial commitments. For the latter, I voluntarily signed up for an elderly care beat, which means I need to track down old people and make them spill their guts. Crappy health coverage, negligent doctors, abusive nursing homes - that kind of thing. The only problem is that the elderly can be elusive. None of the nursing homes in town are crazy about me hanging out and harassing their residents, so I may be reduced to alternative tactics to secure some leads. Any ideas?

A last resort.

In addition to all of my classwork, I also teach an "Introduction to Journalism" discussion section every Friday. The job pays well, and I'm sure my students will get better at reporting, but the first few classes have been very depressing at times. This morning, I passed out an extra credit quiz in which students had to sort between journalists and non-journalists. The results were depressingly abysmal. I wouldn't hold it against my students to be unaware of Woodward and Bernstein (that's a lie), but how do you not know who Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly are? Or the major network news anchors? I think I'm a bit more sympathetic than some of my fellow grad students because I admittedly didn't start routinely reading the paper until about four years ago. I have my limits though. Fear for this generation.

At least when you're spirits are down, you can turn to delicious Fruity Cheerios for a nutritious pick-me-up. In case you're unfamiliar with the world's second tastiest cereal, think Froot Loops, minus the sugar. As a poor grad student, I've essentially been living on these rainbow oats for the past month or so. With any luck, Toucan Sam's days are numbered.

I'm sure I could ramble on a bit longer - my posts are going to be a little more scatter-shot than Jeff's, for sure - but I'm just pleased that I've finally posted something. Even with the heavy work load and a screenplay for a romantic comedy starring Steve Buscemi as the lead, I plan on making this a regular exercise. Check back soon.

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